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Pet care competition is already massive and growing faster than ever. Family, friends, pet sitters and are all confusing and appealing to pet parents. Their alleged advantages over pet boarding facilities often conceal dangerous risks and vulnerabilities. Outstanding Pet Care has a proven record over 30 years of helping businesses like yours thrive. We do this with 4 proven strategies:

ALL your business comes through your phone. Each new client call can be worth tens of thousands of dollars in future revenue—if handled correctly. We provide all the tools, training, and support to turn your phone staff into a lucrative force.

With today’s fierce competition, it’s important you’re reaching the right people in the right numbers. With proven strategies and materials, we’ll help you communicate the superiorities of your pet care business in ways pet parents respond to most.

If you’re priced too high, customers won’t come. If you’re priced too low, you’re missing profits and underselling the quality of your care. We’ll help you discover the prices you SHOULD be charging and how to implement them while getting your team on board.

A strong staff and management team are invaluable to the success of any pet care company—and the owner’s quality of life. We provide the tools and strategies to develop a highly effective, motivated, and loyal team so you can step away and enjoy your business.

ABOUT Outstanding Pet Care

Outstanding Pet Care (OPC) has an incredible, unprecedented reputation of taking their clients’ businesses to the next level. They guarantee their clients’ success in writing. This is unheard of in the consulting industry and speaks to Outstanding Pet Care’s confidence and winning track record.

  • Laura Laaman is the president of OPC. Laura has 30 years as a proven consultant with the most profitable, substantial, and significant results for her clients. Laura is a published, best-selling author and a guest speaker at top companies and institutions including Harvard Business School.
  • Craig Laaman is Vice President and has been involved with the company since 2008. Craig’s expertise is helping clients with finances, strategic decisions, operations, technology, and management. Together, Craig and Laura have personally helped over 200 pet care facilities throughout North America.
  • In addition to our partners, we have a team of dedicated, professional managers and staff who are committed to our clients’ success. You will find our team proactive about your needs.
  • No other consulting company has produced greater revenue increases for their clients.
  • OPC clients are among the most successful in this industry despite fierce competition, generating over $100 million per year
  • No other company has played such a critical role in record business success. OPC clients increase their revenue and profits to unprecedented levels AND they sell at record value.
  • No-Risk Written Guarantee: Click here for more details.

I have seen firsthand that Laura Laaman and the Outstanding Pet Care team substantially increase her clients' revenues and significantly outperform the industry norm. These increases were essential in helping OPC clients command top dollar when it came time to sell. She guarantees her client's success in writing;

I can't imagine why anyone would not be an OPC client.

~ Teija Heikkila, Principal Broker at National Kennel Sales & Appraisals


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