What does Outstanding Pet Care do?

How Outstanding Pet Care Began Due to Laura Laaman’s proven track record of increasing the success and revenues for small-medium sized businesses, she was approached by a few extremely progressive pet care business owners. By implementing our proven strategies, these business owners became highly successful-both in terms of improved client and pet care as well as increased revenues. Many of these original clients remain clients today.

Rather than simply assist a few facilities, we wanted a way to help even more pet care facilities worldwide. To do so, we wanted our program to be as cost effective as possible.

Outstanding Pet Care¬†does just that. We utilize a structured system of proven strategies, technology and coaching to catapult forward-thinking Pet Care Facilities and Veterinarians to the next level. We now have numerous cost-effective programs depending on each business’ needs.

About our Clients Most business owners and companies that approach us share a common condition. They provide great care but are often not realizing top revenues. Companies that provide great pet care and client interactions should produce significant revenues and profit! This is especially important due to the significant threats facing pet care facilities today–including the struggling economy and increased competition.