Laura Laaman

About Laura Laaman

Laura’s Inspiration and Path

Helping businesses succeed is in Laura’s blood. Laura’s father was a World War II veteran. He volunteered for the army at a young age and was in the 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion. He ultimately lost most/all of his platoon in the war as well as his leg. When he was discharged, he was given a small severance pay and decided that he would start his own business. Despite his lack of education, he believed that he could ‘figure it out’ and he did. However, without many of the necessary tools, he worked much harder than he needed to and unfortunately died at the very young age of 57. That left Laura on her own at the age of 15.

Due to Laura’s father being a WWII veteran, she was able to enroll in college at 15. She needed to support herself so in addition to attending college, Laura worked numerous jobs to pay her way. Like many, she started off waitressing and then decided to try sales. It took her a little while to figure sales out. She combined her experience of watching great salespeople in her family’s business, her college courses, being a voracious reader, and student of sales to develop a system that worked for her. She went on to set records at the sales organizations where she worked.

Laura was bitten by the training and speaking bug and remains enthused when her ideas and strategies help other professionals succeed. For the past 30 years as a proven consultant, she has brought profitable, substantial, and significant results for her clients.

Laura is a published, best-selling author and a guest speaker at top companies and institutions including Harvard Business School.