Client Acquisition

Client Acquisition

Proven & Profitable Phone Training System

  • Customized scripts to positively promote your company’s superiorities—Without these, you’re treating the care you provide like a commodity. OPC provides all phone, tour, and form submission tools.
  • Coaching—Continuous access to a team of coaches to improve your phone performance
  • Monitoring—Your phone team’s performance will be monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure maximum results.
  • Tools to promote a positive environment—Comprehensive evaluations, 10-Star kits, certification status, contests, and encouragement calls are all proven to promote a positive environment.
  • Hiring assistance if (and when) needed—Every tool you need to attract top candidates in your market

It might not be immediately obvious, but nearly ALL of your revenue comes directly through the phone. It’s the lifeblood of your business. Your marketing efforts and reputation certainly help make the phone ring. But a professionally trained phone person can increase your revenues by 30%, 40%, 50% and sometimes even over 100%–if (and that’s a BIG if) they are able to instantly generate trust and positively promote your valuable superiorities. Improving your phone protocol is a huge leverage opportunity for this industry!

Many pet care facility owners, managers, and employees are naturally passionate and charismatic about the valuable services they provide. Unfortunately, this is rarely enough to sustain, let alone grow, a pet care business in today’s competitive marketplace. More than ever, you also need critical, proven, state-of-the-art tools and strategies. We provide all the necessary resources and support to help you maximize your growth, capitalize on your significant existing investments, and leverage your competitive superiorities.

Impact of Booking Assistance Quiz

Ask yourself how much missing even one potential booking could cost your company.

  • To do this first determine your average customer’s nightly rate. Outstanding Pet Care clients average $60 per night.
  • Now multiply that by the average number of nights per stay. Understandably this number will vary during different times of the year. Let’s use an average of 5 nights for these purposes.
  • Therefore 60 x 5 = $300.
  • Now, how many times will that customer stay with you per year? We’ll be conservative and use twice per year. Now we are up to $600 per year, strictly in lodging services.
  • How many years will that average customer stay with you? Minimally 5? That ends up at $3,000.
  • Since the average customer has 1.3 dogs, that means that one phone call could be worth over $4,000!

This value doesn’t even include added services such as grooming, daycare, or training that a potential client might need! Nor does this assessment include the tremendous value of the potential referrals generated by satisfied clients. The value of converting each new caller cannot be overstated!

Does your employee answering the phone have the skills and tools to consistently convert that inquiry into a profitable booking? Pet parents booking for the first time are very nervous. They need to be reassured their pet will have a wonderful time while they’re away. When you do so, you’ll win this customer’s business. However, if your employee does not have the skills or necessary tools to convert this call into a booking, that customer and revenue will go straight to your competition.

In a very short amount of time, they brought me three highly qualified candidtates, which resulted in an offer they helped me structure to one of them. I highly recommend Laura Laaman's hiring assitance process and I would not hesitate to use this service again.

Matt Sellecchia, Paws & Play Pet Resort and Training Center

We are so grategul for the OPC recruitment services. We were hiring for a new position at our facility so we needed support in both writing of the job desription as well as screening potential candidates. OPC recruitment worked some serious magic! In less than a week, we had made the hire and are so pleased. OPC recruiting service is beyond efficient and worth every single dime. Thank you OPC!

Jana Rossorelli, Action Pack Dog Center, Inc. 

I have seen firsthand that Laura Laaman and the Outstanding Pet Care team substantially increase her clients' revenues and significantly outperform the industry norm. These increases were essential in helping OPC clients command top dollar when it came time to sell. She guarantees her client's success in writing;

I can't imagine why anyone would not be an OPC client.

Teija Heikkila, Principal Broker at National Kennel Sales & Appraisals

In just 18 months, Outstanding Pet Care increased our revenue by over $1,000,000. Due to this increased revenue, we received a minimum of $1,000,000 in additional revenue when we successfully sold our business.”

Chris Starko, Nashville, TN

We have been working with Laura Laaman since 2004. Since then she has helped us transform our business in ways we could never imagine. In the first month, the busiest time of the year, with no additional capacity we increased our revenues by 33%. The best part is although we always provided exceptional care, our pets were even happier and healthier. Since working with Laura and her team we have conservatively realized an additional $5,000,000 in additional revenue to date. Any company that works with Laura will understand her commitment to quality pet care and that her proven systems will equal success.

Walt & Joanne Morris, Morris Animal Inn

Rover Oaks has been a client of Outstanding Pet Care program for years and couldn't be more pleased with the results! It's nice to see that, thanks to the guidance and support of the OPC team, our revenues and profits can match the level of care we provide!

Steve Smith, Rover Oaks Pet Resort

Hiring Laura and the OPC team was a pivotal defining moment for our business. In our first year with OPC, we increased $330,000 over our previous year. She was instrumental in helping us transition from an all-inclusive lodging model where our revenue per pet per night was capped, to a more progressive and profitable model where the sky is the limit. We like to call her our revenue rainmaker!

Hailey Seidel, Bow Dog Canine Specialists

We have used OPC’s hiring services both to fill a key position rapidly and to develop new positions within our organization. The experience has been seamless and allowed our managers and CEO to continue normal operations while OPC recruited and screened potential candidates. The OPC team is responsive, thoughtful, and targeted. We have been delighted with the results!

Laura Weis, DVM, Doylestown Veterinary Hospital
Holiday House Pet Resort and Training Center

Outstanding Pet Care was instrumental in significantly increasing our revenues for the past five years. In addition to substantially increasing profits year after year, we recently sold our facility for at least a million more. Any smart business owner should join OPC right away.

Scott Simon, Rivermist Pet Lodge

10-Star Certification Process


Outstanding Pet Care’s proven 10-Star Certification process will provide the people answering your phone with all the necessary resources, strategies, and training to turn inquiries into profitable reservations. During our 5- or 10-Star Certification, your phone specialist(s) will move through a positive, proven, step-by-step process to understand all the key strategies for handling almost any new and existing customer call successfully.

Our results-driven training system includes online webinars that can be viewed on any computer at any time—followed by fun exercises to help ensure retention. Then the coaching begins. Our friendly Certified Coaches are highly effective at moving people with the right attitude and aptitude through our program and producing stellar results.

Worried that you may not have the right people in place? We have an entire system to help you find and hire the people with the right characteristics, wherever you’re located.

Our powerful and proven phone training services start at only $1,895 per month.