Ideal Clients and Our Guarantee

Who Makes a Great OPC Client?

We feel a strong moral and fiscal responsibility to produce a positive return on investment for each of our clients. Therefore, we only take on a small percentage of the people who want to join our program. After 30 years of providing exceptional results, we have identified the important characteristics of a great OPC client:

  • High integrity in the level of services they provide
  • Committed to providing exceptional care (pet and their parent’s).
  • Due to this exceptional care, they should charge more than inferior providers. They recognize that rolling out new pricing needs to be done properly to reduce risk.
  • Fully committed to their company’s success and make time to work ‘on their business,’ not just be ‘in’ their business. They realize their job is to guide their business with the best tools possible.
  • In a market that has potential to produce strong results
  • Progressive—a leader, not a follower
  • They realize investments are necessary to propel their business forward
  • Good implementers. They are engaged, ask great questions, and don’t play the ‘Yeah but’ game. (Yeah, but you don’t know my {market, our customers…})
  • Enjoy the idea of being part of and participating in a network of the most successful pet care facility owners

Our Written Guarantee


Our written guarantee speaks volumes about our confidence to increase your success. We have numerous clients who are also attorneys and accountants. They are pleasantly surprised by our written guarantee.

Due to our premium admin suite, you can watch your sales results and monthly revenue performance.