What we do

What Outstanding Pet Care Delivers


We help you grow your business. And even better, we guarantee it—in writing.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses collectively increase their revenues by over a billion dollars. We do this by ensuring your business executes the critical revenue functions exceptionally well. There are thousands of essential steps and details. If you provide great care, we add our proven formula of success. Outstanding Pet Care can help your business substantially increase revenues.

You’re competing with the top dogs now

The pet care industry continues to grow and competition is at an all-time high. Unless you’re performing exceptionally well on all cylinders, your market share is likely decreasing, putting your revenues in jeopardy. Lackluster revenue means you, your care, and your business will suffer in both the short- and long-term. Lower revenues limit your ability to hire and train quality staff and maintain or improve your buildings. The totality will make your business unattractive to future buyers.

What’s a new client worth to you?

  1. The industry average revenue per pet, per night, is around $28-30
  2. Our clients’ average is well over $60 per night; some $70, $90+ per night
  3. This difference is potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars per year

Example: $30/night increase x 20,000 pet nights = $600,000 revenue increase per year!

Doesn’t seem possible? Hear from one of our members:

“In just 18 months, Outstanding Pet Care increased our revenue by over $1,000,000. Due to this increased revenue, we received a minimum of $1,000,000 in additional revenue when we successfully sold our business.”

Chris Starko, Nashville, TN