Phone Training, Coaching and Monitoring

It might not be immediately obvious, but nearly ALL of your revenue comes directly through the phone. It is the lifeblood of your entire business. Your marketing efforts and reputation certainly help make the phone ring. But a professionally trained phone person can increase your revenues by 30%, 40%, 50% and sometimes even over 100%–if (and that’s a BIG if) they are able to instantly generate trust and positively promote your valuable superiorities. Investments in your phone staff and procedures is a huge leverage opportunity for this industry!

Many pet care facility owners, managers, and employees naturally are passionate and charismatic about the valuable services they provide. Unfortunately this alone is rarely enough to sustain, let alone grow, a pet care business in today’s competitive marketplace. More than ever, you also need the critical, proven, state-of-the-art tools and strategies. We provide all the necessary resources and support to help you maximize your growth, capitalize on your significant existing investments, and leverage your competitive superiorities.

Ask yourself how much missing even one potential booking could cost your company. To do this first determine your average customer’s nightly rate. Outstanding Pet Care clients average $55 per night. Now multiply that by the average number of nights per stay. Understandably this number will vary during different times of the year. Let’s use an average of 5 nights for these purposes. Therefore $55 x 5 = $275. Now how many times will that customer stay with you per year? We’ll be conservative and use twice per year. Now we are up to $550 per year, strictly in lodging services. How many years will that average customer stay with you? Minimally 5? That ends up at $2,750. Since the average customer has 1.3 dogs, that means that one phone call could be worth over $3,000! This value doesn’t even include added services such as grooming, day care, or training that potential client might enjoy! Nor does this assessment include the tremendous value of the potential referrals generated by satisfied clients. Certainly the value of converting each new caller cannot be understated!

Does your employee answering the phone have the skills to consistently convert that inquiry into a profitable booking? Great! It’s a win-win. The pet owner will be happy since they are reassured that their pet will have a wonderful time while they’re away. And you win by earning more revenue to pay for all the wonderful care you’re providing. However if your employee does not have the skills to convert this call into a proper booking, that client and revenue will go straight to your competition.

Outstanding Pet Care’s proven 10-Star Certification process will provide the people answering your phone with all the necessary resources, strategies and training to turn inquiries into profitable reservations. During 10 Star Certification, your phone specialist(s) will move through a positive, proven step-by-step process to understand all the key strategies necessary to handle almost any new and existing customer call successfully. Our proven training system includes on-line webinars that can be viewed on any computer at any time—followed by fun exercises to help ensure retention. Then the positive, proven coaching begins. Our friendly Certified Coaches are highly effective at moving people with the right attitude and aptitude through our program and producing stellar results. Worried that you may not have the right people in place? We have an entire system to help you find and hire the people with the right characteristics.

Without a steady, healthy supply of pet parents who regularly enjoy all your valuable services it will become increasingly difficult to sustain the necessary long-term investments to ensure the survival of your business. You shouldn’t be struggling to finance a new roof, air-transfer systems, expansions, marketing campaigns, payroll, or other important investments! Contact us today to find out how we can help you discover the tremendous untapped potential in your business.