From COVID Chaos to Robust, Profitable Growth – by Laura Laaman

These past few years have been gut wrenching, like a vicious roller coaster that never seems to end. Even before COVID (if we can still remember that far back), we were dealing with staffing challenges, difficult customers and fierce competition. Everything was amplified exponentially with the pandemic, even now that we’re beyond the worst of it…we hope.
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3 Strategies to Ensure Success in the Coming Year – by Laura Laaman

While 2020 was the worst year in recent times for a lot of businesses, 2021 presented plenty of its own challenges. So, 2022 has to be better, right? Possibly…but only if we take the correct steps to make that happen.
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Business Slowing Down? Boost Your Revenue with Training Services! – by Laura Laaman

As we know, more pets were adopted during COVID than ever before. Many new pet parents brought a dog into their family for the first time. Whether they rescued a dog in need or purchased a new puppy, they may not have realized what they were in for when welcoming a new dog into their lives. Read the full article here.

Why & How to Pay Employees Fifteen to Twenty Dollars per Hour (And Remain Profitable!)- by Laura Laaman

With a pent-up need to get out of the house, people are finally traveling in droves. This means a parade of furry guests who need your services—but do you have the staff to handle it? For many pet care businesses, COVID meant downsizing, and just as many are finding it harder than ever to find quality staff. We have the solution, but brace yourself…you need to get ready to pay some employees $15-20 an hour or more. Read the full article here.

An Important Task Managers Cringe Over and Why- By Laura Laaman

One of the tasks your managers probably dislike (ok, hate) is hiring. While they may love the idea of welcoming a fabulous and productive new employee, it’s easy to understand why they cringe at the hiring part. After all, wading through (or drowning in) the process can feel overwhelming while they place ads, determine budgets, reach out to candidates, leave messages, play phone tag and conduct interviews…who would look forward to it? Read the full article here.

Measuring & Maintaining a Healthy Labor Ratio- By Jake Romero

The Pet Care industry is filled with business owners who are first and foremost passionate pet people. Most of these business owners think, “Whatever it takes to deliver great care is what it costs,” and focusing on key financial measurements tends to get away from them. Unfortunately, so does profit—and if not attended to, so does owning a viable business. It’s honorable and necessary to guard the pets in your care, but it’s also necessary to guard your financial stability and success. Read the full article here.

4 Powerful Strategies to Connect & Reengage with Clients- By Laura Laaman

Compared to other industries, the pet care industry has always required extra TLC. We’re not just fixing a car; we’re caring for someone’s furry family member. But right now, the human TLC is more important than ever. Read the full article here.

4 Post-Pandemic Revenue Building Musts- By Laura Laaman

post pandemic revenue building

The COVID virus first started making headlines around this time last year—and we’re not yet out of the thick of it. However, for savvy and strategic business owners, this year has also been filled with learning experiences and, believe it or not, unique opportunities. Read the full article here.

A Pet Care Facility’s Silver Lining to COVID- By Laura Laaman

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a monumental global challenge, we can point to one good thing that’s come of it: an abundance of puppies and shelters dogs have been adopted nationwide. Learn how to take advantage of these precious opportunities by reading the article here.

Are Reservation Specialists Essential Post-COVID?- By Laura Laaman

To survive the impacts of the pandemic, many businesses were forced to reduce staffing to the bare minimum…and pet care businesses were certainly no exception. Many companies are choosing to bring back their obviously necessary (and sometimes less expensive) team members first. These include pet care staff and receptionists—the people who take care of your furry guests and their humans. But what about the people who can dramatically increase your revenue and help pay for all those other necessary staff? Click here to read the full article.