Do You Know How Many Clients You Lost This Year? / How Can You Tell if Your Marketing is Working?

Do You Know How Many Clients You Lost This Year?- By Laura Laaman

Assuming you’re providing excellent pet care and customer service, you’ll ideally retain 70% of your clients. That is a huge hole to fill each year—and that’s only to maintain. If you want to grow, you need to gain even more clients. To make up the difference, you’ll need to attract enough new clients to cover these lost pet nights. Follow this link to find out how.

How to Tell if Your Marketing is Working- By Laura Laaman

The ever–changing, competitive landscape means a winning (but dated) marketing strategy from even a few years ago is unlikely to help you stand out today. Most business owners hope or assume they’re doing well in marketing—but do you know for sure? Here are some tips on how to make sure your marketing is as strong as possible.